About Summer Camp Jobs USA

About the Book

Summer Camp Jobs USA is a complete guide to finding and landing the best jobs at American summer camps. Written for job-seekers in the USA and other countries, the book explains how to look for the job, apply for the job, and then shine like a star at the employment interview. The book’s 26 lively chapters give you games to play with the kids, and a cornucopia of useful tips, and sound advice..

About the Author

Michael Pastore is an author and publisher of poems, novels and nonfiction books. He has worked at just about every job at USA summer camps: as a counselor, junior counselor, program specialist, head counselor, assistant Director, and (ACA-accredited) Camp Director. Pastore has bicycled halfway around the world, and has traveled extensively in Ithaca, New York.

About this Website

Summer Camp Jobs USA (this website) brings you resources about working at summer camps, and updates to the book and ebook with the same name.
You can read our Resources page, and our Blog/News section for the latest information about working at summer camps. For ideas and inspiration — and additional books and resources — please also visit our companion website: SummerCamp.page.

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